about & elsewhere



a little something about me

name: daisy moraa
nationality: kenyan
zodiac: aries
professional career: civil engineer
creative pursuits/engagements: photography & poetry & blogging
hobbies: sleeping in after a long week of work, hanging out with my close friends, reading fiction & non-fiction & poetry & blogs

what is this blog about?

this blog is my outlet for the music, books and stuff i like on the internet, hence the shelf section, and also my public notebook on the things i do, learn or write

links (of my poetry) elsewhere

2016 // Clarion Magazine, Issue 19 – 5 poems from Love after Love
2014 // Jude Mutuma’s blog – a poem on his post Live
2012 // Story Zetu – interview, Poems: the half cast, your lover, my own song, these roads we travel

my social media links


a little note just for you! 🙂

thanks for making it to this blog, & for reading this page. here are a few things you can do on the blog
* you can make a free subscription to the blog via email through the widget at the top right of this blog
* you can leave a comment or two on blog-posts that you like, and i would love that, and you are bound to get a response from me – could be a paragraph or a smiley 🙂
* you can click on the social media links above and follow me on the different sites to know about more of my interests and my out and abouts
* you can always be courteous and share a post or two with your friends that you have enjoyed reading, and you’ll kill a few birds with one stone – you will have something to talk about with them, they will know what you have been upto lately on the internet and them enjoying the posts too will be a sure delight to me!

thanks once again, you are amazing & i am glad to have you here!

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