Top 25 Kenyan Fashion Bloggers To Follow

I stumbled upon fashion blogs circa 2012, and the blog I remember vividly stumbling upon was Nancie Mwai’s “The Fashion Notebook.” She used to update regularly, and I would refresh my Opera Mini feeds every week to see what she had posted. I remember I was so surprised when fashion took her to Berlin, and to South Africa, I think, for the launch of a particular model of Samsung.

Then there came Sharon Mundia, with her blog “This is Ess” and I added her to my feed too. Sharon had a camera, that she nicknamed “Binti” and this inspired me to save up and get my own DSLR back in Dec 2015. One day Sharon made a post of her and Nancie, and I was so happy – I was telling my fellow fashion blog readers, “They met, they met. They know each other.” Of course, neither Sharon nor Nancie know me.

kenyan fashion bloggers

And then there was Silvia Njoki and Lucia Musau, and with Instagram’s growing popularity in later years, (some of us, like me, joined the network way back in 2012, when you could post anything, and only family and friends followed and there was no algorithm)  the fashion blogging scene in Kenya has exploded.

Of course. there are so many Kenyan fashion blogs/bloggers these many years later, and though I no longer follow the lives of fashion bloggers as much as I used to, in part due to a demanding work schedule, in part due to intentional social media use and in part due to developing my own fashion style and therefore needing to check fashion blogs for inspiration periodically, I do check in every now and then to see what’s fresh out there.

So, I have come with a list of 25 Kenyan fashion blogs – both male and female – that I like, and that I hope you enjoy reading.

P.s: For descriptions, I have used the blogger’s own biodata, and where there was none, I simply shared the URL and owner.

P.s II: All images, belong to their respective owners. 


One (1)

My current favourite, Pearls and Loaf – “A snapshot into me… Well, I love to dress up, I love to read, I love to travel and I love to eat! Honestly, there’s no love sincerer than the love of food! Yours, Sheila.”

pearls and lof top kenyan fashion bloggers

Two (2)

Just Margie – “Hey there 😉 My name is Margie Muga. This blog documents my natural hair escapades. I aim to inspire a natural hair lover out there to not only embrace but also to love and enjoy their natural tresses. I hope to journey with you, as you journey with me.”

just margie

Three (3)

Curves With Style – “I’m Nyawira and this is my personal plus size fashion and style diary. Thanks for stopping by.”

curves with style

Four (4)

Just Joy Kendi – run by Joy Kendi

just joy kendi

Five (5)

It Girl – by Stella Charles “ is a source for inspiration that covers everything from fashion and beauty to bridal and travel. I hope to encourage people to add a little glam to their everyday life! I find inspiration in art, nature, culture, architecture, food, people, and music. And for me, fashion is a compilation of all that. Fashion is a vehicle for me to play with shapes and colors in order to uncover my personal style. I am forever thankful to anyone who spares his or her own time to visit my blog….May God bless you.”

it giel

Six (6)

Glamour Zone – run by Ms Carole

glamour zone

Seven (7)

Ian Mussilli – “Ian Mussilli is a fashion blogger who has a great eye and taste for both fashion and style as he feels there is a certain way a man should present himself. He is a Fashion Consultant, Personal Stylist, Entrepreneur and above all a believer in the saying, “Fashion fades but style is eternal”. Join him on his journey as he curates, advices and schools men who feel the need to look good and presentable.

ian mussili kenyan fashion blogger

Eight (8)

Denim and Cat-eye – “My name is Diana Machira and I’m so glad you’re here! Fashion has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, so I’m pretty stoked about being able to express and share with you my style, lifestyle and everything in between! So, what inspired the name, you ask? Well, simply put, my sense of style is all about striking a chic balance between timeless, classic pieces and unique trendier finds, hence “Denim” and “Cateye”. That being said, I hope the chronicles of Denim and Cateye will motivate and inspire you to find your own balance in style and flaunt it confidently and comfortably.”

denim and cateye

Nine (9)

Liz Madowo – Fearlessly fashionable. “Hey, I’m Liz Madowo, thank you for stopping by. I’m a Fashion Blogger, Fashion Stylist and Fashion Curator, and Youtuber ( LIZ MADOWO ) I have always strived for individuality and what better way to showcase this than through style. Everyday, we are bombarded with images of what and how we should be that to be true to your individual self is something becoming harder and harder with every passing day. This therefore is my struggle to stay true to myself regardless of what the world says. My hope is that my blog inspires you to also stay true to yourself because really, there is only one you. There is no You that is Youer than You. Stop by my online shop and get some specially curated pieces. The link is I love to cook so if you have an awesome recipe, do share. After all, sharing is caring…”

liz madowo

Ten (10)

Fashion Forensic Africa – Reina Kimeu says ” I am a former Miss World Kenya runners up and runway model. I am marketing consultant but writing is my passion. I am a very opinionated person but I also believe that life should never be too serious. I love traveling, making new friends and eating out. Fashion Forensics Africa is a fashion and lifestyle blog that provides young women with practical tips and tricks related to fashion, beauty, health and travel. I use my own experiences to give solutions to everyday problems. I also use fashion to address social issues. The readers are sure to gain useful information.”

fashion forensic africa

Eleven (11)

Lucia Musau – “Lucia Musau is a Luxury PR Consultant and an Award Winning Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger. She holds an MBA from USIU – Chandaria Business School, BBA – First Class Hons from Kenya Methodist University and a Certificate in Design Thinking for Innovation from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. Besides that she is also an Associate at the Chartered Institute Public Relations. Lucia Musau is a creative thinker and an entrepreneur. She is the founder of African Elite Group Ltd, a boutique PR firm in Nairobi.”

lucia musau kenyan fashion bloggers

Twelve (12)

This is Ess – by Sharon Mundia

This-Is-Ess-kenyan fashion bloggers

Thirteen (13)

The Lifestyle Spread – “In December 2010, Olav Arthur Mburu fresh out of high school had always been passionate about writing about fashion and in particular African fashion. He started the blog Arthur’s Fashion World In Nairobi which focused solely on an African fashion theme. Later on in April 2012, Kyle D Wahome came on board as a guest writer. The blog received immense support from a large number of readers and in June 2013 both Olav and Kyle decided it was time for a change. That’s when The Lifestyle Spread was founded. The Lifestyle Spread seeks to diversify the Menswear and Lifestyle scene by offering insightful articles about various fashion labels through our personal style.

arthur mburu lifestyle spread kenyan fashion bloggers

Fourteen (14)

Nancie Mwai – “Nancie’s love for fashion began as a young girl with her dream to become a professional fashion designer (while also maintaining a career as a lawyer and an astronaut). Who knew that years dressing up barbie dolls in original creations would lead her to a career in the fashion industry. Nancie is a graduate with a degree in Marketing. While in university she worked as a stylist for Nation Newspaper. In the brief years as a stylist Nancie realised that she was passionate about online content creation and started a blog in 2010 called “The Fashion Notebook” The blog has since evolved to an amazing webzine covering topics from fashion to lifestyle to fitness and anything that affects women in general. Today Nancie continues to share the story of her life and passion for content creation through her online channels. Nancie lives in Nairobi with her soulmate and their daughter.”

Nancie-Mwai-kenyan fashion bloggers

Fifteen (15)

Maureen Bandari – “Hi, My name is Maureen Bandari. I use fashion as a way to express myself and translate my emotions and visions into reality. I started blogging about Style and Fashion in 2o11 and I have been featured in different media platforms such as Couture Magazine, Standard Newspaper, True Love Magazine, People Daily Newspaper, Fashion Bomb Daily and several Kenyan blogs and websites. My desire to be versatile when it comes to Style allows me to experiment with difference outfits, fabrics and colours. also believe that it is important to express culture in Style (Oh hail African print and turbans!)”

maureen bandari

Sixteen (16)

She’s a Tomboy – “She’s A Tomboy is about this section of a woman’s wardrobe that is not much talked about. A girl’s secret admiration and ownership of what is conventionally considered as menswear, a classic display of boldness, comfort, love and public admission that this accounts for the highest percentage of my daily wear. So this is my little space to share my personal style, and  little aspects of being Rael in the hope that you will be inspired to embrace that tomboy in you. Thank you for joining me in my journey. Rael A.”

shes a tomboy kenyan fashion bloggers

Seventeen (17)

Style by Shary – “My name is Sharon Mwangi. Lover of all things fashion and aspiring professional stylist. This is not just my blog, it’s our blog. I’m here to help you be the most fashionable person you can be.”

style by shary kenyan fashion bloggers

Eighteen (18)

Just Kaninte – “My name is Brenda Kwamboka Kaninte a 20 year old Kenyan girl, and this here is a blog about fashion(my style), lifestyle, beauty, femininity. I believe it’s a diary of most young African ladies through my own eyes.”

lehaute style kenyan fashion bloggers

Nineteen (19)

The Dapper Brother – “I’m Muriuki Kagiri, Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. I am extremely passionate about all things fashion, men’s fashion specifically, and I created this blog in order to share my personal style, knowledge, and opinions with you. I began blogging in mid-2015  as a hobby. At the time, the local fashion blogging scene was saturated with blogs directed to ladies, and I wanted to fill that gap and provide a resource where guys like me could come and get inspiration from. Six months down the line, I won the MIMI Fashion Blogger Contest, out of  a whooping 200+ submissions, 98% of which were female blogs. I believe this was God showing me that people actually acknowledge what I do. Having seen the potential in my blog, I decided to grow my brand and actually make a difference in how people perceive Menswear in Kenya.”

the dapper brother kenyan fashion bloggers

Twenty (20)

Silvia Njoki – “Silvia Njoki is a leading Kenyan online content creator, journalist and and inspirational manager of her eponymous blog. She studied fashion styling at University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martin, UK and Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, Italy and was a successful fashion stylist before she turned her attention to blogging. Her blog was launched in 2013 as a creative outlet for her DIY activities in pursuit of dressing her infant daughter born that year, but soon morphed into a distinctly fashion oriented vehicle for sharing her unique personal style on the social media scene. The blog is now increasingly also focusing on beauty, lifestyle and particularly travel.”

sylvia njoki kenyan fashion bloggers

Twenty-One (21)

Lehaute Style by Jackie

Just kaninte kenyan fashion bloggers

Twenty-Two (22)

Blooming Butterfly – “Hi, my name is Michelle and this is my bold little corner on the internet ‘Blooming Butterfly’. I started this blog as a space where I could express myself and that was primarily through fashion and now both fashion and writing. For a long time, writing has been central to my ability to exist as freely and boldly as I can and in high school, when I didn’t have time to write, my style became my way of expression, my freedom. This space has therefore become a place where through this expression, I connect with and inspire others because I’m learning that we’re never really alone despite how much we may feel we are. I hope this space becomes a space you feel you belong, of contentment in the becoming, a place of love and kindness.”

blomming butterfly kenyan fashiob bloggers

Twenty-Three (23)

Geek on Fashion – “Hi! And welcome to GeekOnFashion. This is not your ordinary blog.Here I  – Nelly – share my take on fashion trends, I also share fashion tips, tricks and some of my outfits with the aim to inspire you as you dress up for work or play.Most of the outfits featured on here are available for purchase from Geek Boutique – my online boutique. I want you to dress your best, so you feel your best without breaking the bank.So let’s indulge in all things fashion, beauty and style shall we. From Nairobi with love.”

geek on fashion kenyan fashion bloggers

Twenty-Four (24)

Winnie The Fashionista – “With this blog I am doing my best to bring awareness to African brands by working with them. Western fashion bloggers have Gucci and Chanel to talk about. I choose to talk about African brands so that eventually they can also acquire international status. Besides fashion,I’m a Kenyan lawyer by training. But guess what…I love make up so much and I’m so good at it, that I decided to make it my career. Don’t even ask, haha! So yeah. I’m basically a certified professional make-up artist. If you want to know more, visit”

winnie the fashionista kenyan bloggers

Twenty-Five (25)

Hali Oduor – “Welcome to Hali Oduor! I’m a Kenyan girl living in New York, who loves to explore. Be it restaurants, new places, interiors or even anything fashion related. This right here is a space where I share all of that with you. I hope all of you enjoy and all your feedback is always welcomed! ”

hali oduor kenyan fashion bloggers

Thank you so much for reading!

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