Top 10 Fashion Blogs for Plus Size Women

When I posted and shared my top 7 Asian fashion blogs, a friend wrote back to me and said “I am not petite ….they are not relate-able hehe. But I will have a look anyway”. And I told her, I will make a post for curvy girls, on the plus size side of life. And I have really enjoyed scouring the internet for some of these blogs to make this list.

Of course, I start with my personal favourite, that I have read for many years; Jay Miranda

Jay Miranda – “My name is Jay.  I’m a blogger, which means I’m a “content creator” or “fashion riff-raff” depending on how you see it. I think of myself as a writer, fashion lover, and mama. I write this blog for like-minded women. My site’s been described by a reader as a cup of chamomile tea, which I take as high praise. On the professional front, my IRL work is consulting and writing.”

jay-miranda-plus size bloggers


Curve Envy – “My name is Sandee Joseph and I’m the woman behind CurvEnvy, LLC a digital media property delivering fashion, beauty & lifestyle content.  I’m based in New York City and for over six years now, I’ve had a career in higher-education and absolutely love it. There’s nothing like helping transition young adults into tomorrow’s leaders. This blog is my way of still pursuing my passion for fashion while simultaneously inspiring all women, including full figured women in defying preconceived notions that a plus size body cannot be stylish nor on-trend.”

I especially like her career articles.

curve envy plus size bloggers icurve envy plus size bloggers iii

FabEllis – “My name is Ashley and I live in Greensboro, North Carolina. I began FabEllis in late 2010.  I’ve always had a passion for writing.  At the time I started FabEllis, I mainly wrote about beauty, but due to going naturalgetting married and being a working woman, it has become a lifestyle brand. My personal passion is encouraging women.  I am dedicated to showing women how to embrace their God-given beauty!  As a Christian, I want to encourage women to see how beautiful and fabulous they truly are.  (Psalm 139:14)  Coming from a single parent home, I personally battled with knowing my worth.  Through Jesus and prayer, I thank God that I am healed and confident in who I am.  If you are reading this, never question your worth or beauty.  “For everything God created is good…” (1 Timothy 4:4)”

fabellis curvy plus size bloggers iifabellis curvy plus size bloggers

Kelly Augustine – ” My name is Kelly Augustine, a 30-year old born and raised in NYC who loves to live life and share my interests and experiences, mostly centred around my personal style with a focus on plus size fashion, Brown beauty and cosmetics, and NYC lifestyle. I have a very unique viewpoint when it comes to diversity within the digital space and am dedicated to applying my combined background of Public Relations, Journalism, Content Creation and Influencer Marketing to push the needle forward in terms of representation. Certificate in Brand Management Experience from Fashion Institute of Technology, with a B.A. in Advertising & Public Relations from The City College of New York. ”

kelly augustine plus size bloggers iikelly augustine plus size bloggers

Nikki Freestyle – “NikkiFree is a fashion blogger who totally owns her body, her curves and her style with cool confidence. She launched her personal style blog, in February 2015 to document her personal style, and to inspire and encourage ladies considered plus size to disregard antiquated fashion rules often imposed on plus size women.”

nikki freestyle curvy plus size bloggers iinikki freestyle curvy plus size bloggers

Trendy Curvy – “My name is Kristine and I am a plus size fashion blogger from Los Angeles. I have been a curvy girl all my life but that has never stopped my longing to be trendy and stylish. While it has sometimes been difficult, I have learned throughout the years how to dress my frame in the most flattering ways possible. I definitely live by the saying “Everything isn’t for everybody” however that doesn’t mean that you can’t take current fashion trends and make them work for you. So in order to show that, I decided to start my blog in September of 2013 with the catch phrase “A curvy girl living in a trendy world.” My mission and my goal was simple – to show that curvy women can be just as stylish and fabulous as everyone else. ”

trendy curvy plus size bloggers iitrendy curvy plus size bloggers

Everything Curvy and Chic – “From Welfare to CHIC boss. Just a girl who bossed up and became the mastermind behind their dreams.”everything curvy and chic plus size bloggers ieverything curvy and chic plus size bloggers ii

Musings of a Curvy Lady – “I’m Thamarr and you say that with a strong “T”!  Welcome to Musings of a Curvy Lady – my little fashion blog darling baby that I created in October 2012 as my personal way to rebel against the rules of fashion and society by doing something radical and revolutionary: loving myself and the body that I have and styling it well.”

musings of a curvy lady plus size bloggers imusings of a curvy lady plus size bloggers ii

Lion Hunter – “Musemo (Mo) Handahu is a multi-faceted creative based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. With an eye for the cool and buzz worthy, she creates content for brands looking to grow their influence on the digital space and also those expanding to the east coast Canadian market, where she calls home. Her roster of clients includes powerhouse telecommunication companies, tourism boards, shopping malls, automobile conglomerates, airlines and fashion and lifestyle brands.”

lion hunter plus-size-style-plus-size-blogger iilion hunter plus-size-style-plus-size-blogger

The Je ne sais quoi – “Life Is Hard, Getting Dress Shouldn’t Be”

The Je ne sais quoi plus size blogger iiThe Je ne sais quoi plus size blogger

Thanks for reading!

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