Top 7 Asian Fashion Blogs That Are Actually Updated Regularly

I used to be the girl who did not give a hoot about fashion in my teenage years and early twenties. If I wore it, and it fit, that was all that mattered. Until I stumbled upon the world of fashion blogging circa 2013, and my eyes were opened.. and wide.

Nowadays, I enjoy pulling together outfits the night before work or in the morning and I can spend an hour or two playing dress up and enjoying outfit combos during my downtime. All thanks to fashion blogs and the exposure they have given me.

Here are my top 7 blogs run by women of Asian origin, that are still regularly updated even in the current windfall of fashion Instagrammers.


Wendy’s Lookbook – I have followed Wendy for 5+ years, and every week she posts three times. I like her style, I like her contribution to foster care, and I like that she uses writing as therapy and has actually contributed to building a community around that concept for those who have gone or are going through foster care.




Extra Petite – She is petite (which is why she started the blog), she is a wife and she is now a mum. How do I know this? I am petite as well (5’1), and I have been reading this blog for ages. Previously she shared her engagement story, her wedding and in 2018, she shared her pregnancy journey and now her blog and outfit hacks include content for mums out there. You’ll love her sense of style and sensibility.

extra petite top asian blogs

extra petite ii top asian blogs

extra petite iii top asian blogs

Chriselle Factor – Just what is the Chriselle factor? It is the lil’ extra edginess all women need to be challenged to channel, that Chriselle channels on her blog. She is daring in her style choices, and I love her youtube videos which she channels a lot of creativity into. Just look at her poses, she indeed has an extra factor.

chriselle factor iv top asian blogschriselle factor v top asian blogschriselle factor top asian blogs

The Ktrstyle – Flirty, sultry and edgy. This blog is for the woman who is not afraid to show a little skin, or a whole lot more. It’s for the woman in her hay days, who feels good in her body, who wants to feel like the only girl in the world. And if you are not feeling that type of vibe, this blog is there to make you want to be that girl.

ktr style top asian blogs iiiktr style top asian blogs iiktr style top asian blogs

Nadia Aboulhosn – Fiesty, curvy, and with subtle attitude. Nadia blogs for the girls on the curvier side of life, and she makes bold interesting outfit combos while at it.

top asian bloggers 2019top asian bloggers 2019 iitop asian bloggers 2019 iii

Elle Blogs – Elle is the girl next door who hangs out with you with her shades on, and with really pretty clothes, and silently smiles at your stories while you secretly wish to be her in the next life. This blog gives laissez-faire vibe – it is easy and chilled out. You’ll love it.

elle blogs top asian blogs ielle blogs top asian blogs iielle blogs top asian blogs iv

Andy Heart – Andy Heart fashion photos are moody, her clothes mostly neutral and well styled and the shots – how the light falls, and the mood –  are definitely thought of. These are the types of shots you would find on Kinfolk magazine. And you can easily tell she pours her heart in the posts. I like the edgy feel she brings across – it is the style one acquires once they are an authority on who they are, of what textures they like, and they have settled well into their personality, not just as fashion figures, but as human beings as well.

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+ a bonus blog Song of Style by Aimee Song. Aimee has built a business around her blog. She began blogging in 2008 about interior design, while studying interior design, but the fashion posts are what catapulted her to popularity. So now she runs both her fashion blog and interior design business. Her business acumen is quite savvy I must say.

Aimee_song_of_style_top asian blogs iiiAimee_song_of_style_top asian blogs iiProcessed with VSCO with c8 preset

Which other Asian fashion blogs do you enjoy reading?

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