The Shelf VII: for bloggers/content creators only

I hope you are having an awesome day,

Here are 5 things on the internet that have caught my eye recently.

  1. If you are into creating videos and youtube content, check out Music4Videos, Especially, Epidemic Sound – Simple Pleasantries 1 – Gavin Luke, that has a very soothing sound to it.
  2. For bloggers who still want to blog and not just use IG to gain likes and numbers, here are 20 tips just for you on How to Write a Successful Blog.
  3. I think Studio Press has some really cool Premium wordpress themes.
  4. If you are doubtful of getting into the art world, or creative world, or if the world has time to hear what you have to say becuase you are drwoning in work or adult reposnsibilities, here’s a charming list of artists who got recognition much later in life. 
  5. The digital world is all about photography these days, here is a really practible list from dearly bethany who took outfit photos of herself  everydayfor a year, on how to pose better .

Thank you for reading!

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