ode to lovers i – vii


what brings two people together? – the need to be seen, to be appreciated, to be accepted with all of one’s humanness. 

the act of allowing others into our lives is an act of vulnerability – it allows the other to see our attempt at making our individual aloneness bearable, our efforts at escaping loneliness, our need for community. 

and most times, this coming together requires “work” – communication, honesty, dependence, and sometimes, the work does not bear fruit

these themes of what we have come to call love are what these poems attempt to address in a very simple, straightforward way 

– Daisy Moraa

(written in late 2017, Oct-Dec 2017, the first 3 months when I went to work in Molo  and experienced a lot of social alienation from my family and friends who were/are far away in Nairobi) 

ode to lovers i

ode to lovers ii

ode to lovers iii

ode to lovers iv

ode to lovers v

ode to lovers vi

ode to lovers vii

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