May 2018. Let your intentions be transparent.

Cut clean like glass. Calvin Klein One & Lancôme Hypnose — subtle and intimate fragrances that cut clean like glass … More

May 2018. Calvin Klein One

Photos: Molo II

Molo II -January 2018, February 2018. A town stuck in poverty 50+ years since independence & crippled by post election … More

ode to lovers ii

simplymoraa: no true  lovers can sustain their claim at eternityon mere eye contact – they have to unmask each other and … More

ode to lovers i

simplymoraa: like moths towards a headlight on a dusty roadwe propel towards each other — tragically —hopeful that the flickers we have flared … More

ode to lovers vii I cannot quite recall what life was without you. without you, without knowing you, what would … More

ode to lovers vi

every new day is a prolongationof this need to be filled to the core i imagine you to be fulfillment of … More

ode to lovers v

Who is this, who loves you better than I did? I loved you like the earth loves the sun,like the … More