10 Incredible Posts You’ve Probably Missed

Happy 2018!



I moved from this WordPress platform, bought my own domain and have been blogging twice a week since. And since I know you enjoyed previous posts, here’s a list of posts you have missed on then new website since I moved

  1. Books I read in 2017 (updated version).
  2. My poetry Got published in the US (updated version.)
  3.  On the first weekend of Dec 2017, I visited Lake Elementaita and I made a post about it:  Lake Elementaita – Safari Facts and Guide
  4. I made a recap of How I spent an Evening in Milan, Italy back in December 2015.
  5. What have I been reading, watching and whom have I been following on social media? I took stock of all that in Taking Stock One.
  6. I know the holidays are over, but you could still use this list of 10 Frugal Ways to Spend your Leisure Time.
  7. Over the holidays, I visited the Murumbi Heritage Collection in Nairobi Kenya and wrote about it and other blog readers loved it. You probably will too.
  8. I have been practicing photography seriously for more than 2 years now, see this Portrait session I had with a dope lawyer from the Gambia.
  9. Besides being a poet, I also read a lot of poems. I decided to serve you the creme de la creme from my poetry reads and I made a post of my 12 favorite poems. 
  10. And just because I like sharing knowledge and the good things in life, I wrote 20 Internet Finds and Conversation Starters just for you!

Enjoy the reads and always catch me at www.daisymoraa.com!

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  1. Daisy dear you are a super amazing young woman. Am inspired by your writing as am an avid reader or at times time allows me not. Otherwise I have enjoyed every of your earlier posts before you changed to this one. Thank for informing me for I love to follow you and am just settling down to enjoy these I have missed.
    Thanks again and keep on keeping on.
    Bravo dear

    Liked by 1 person

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