20 Internet Finds & Conversation Starters Vol. I : Internet Issue

FYI, as I write this post, there are more than 1.3 billion websites online on the internet since the first was  published in 1991 in Switzerland, a little less than 27 years ago. What that means is that the internet is constantly being updated with information (and nonsense) everyday, and while the average person gets to access only a very-very-very small fraction of the data on the internet, the amount of information they come across is still a lot. Thus the rabbit hole of the internet is familiar to most of us. You open a tab, see something interesting, and as you read there is an embedded link that leads you to another site, and on and on and on it goes, and by the time you take your eyes off the screen you realize you have spent 10x the amount of time you intended to spend on the net. And the worst part is that you were laughing off at cat memes and sites like Mo Farah Running Away From Things and One Tiny Hand. Thus the rabbit hole, as you find yourself hopping from one site to another, just like Alice In Wonderland.  

“…the internet is constantly being updated with information (and nonsense) everyday…thus the rabbit hole of the internet is familiar to most of us. You open a tab, see something interesting… that leads you to another site, and on and on and on it goes, and by the time you take your eyes off the screen you realize you have spent 10x the amount of time you intended to spend on the net.”

One of the reasons for this type of behavior is that the internet offers instant gratification. The other is that people are naturally and instinctively prone to time wasting, even better if it is in a way that is pleasurable, and if there wasn’t the internet, we would probably be watching and cheering on a street cock fight or in an arena watching gladiators go at each other Roman style in a ring somewhere. That is the natural disposition of human beings – gratification by some means within their environment, and the internet seems to do just that at the touch of a button. And that is why I believe it is one of the best inventions of the previous millennium/ 20th century. The Internet is an amazing resource system if you learn how to avoid its time sucking void dimension. And my intention for starting this segment “Internet Finds & Conversation Starters” is just that, to share with you sites and articles in Art & Culture, and Finance & Lifestyle that I find interesting and useful so that you can spend your time online in a more meaningful way gaining knowledge and accumulating amazing Conversation Starters. 

Art & Culture

Want to read more African Literature online? Try Brittle Paper, Jalada Magazine and Enkare Review.

There are also a ton of high quality online literature magazines out there from other continents. Some of my favorites are Granta (the short stories section), The Paris Review (the interviews section) and 3 Am Magazine (whose site tagline – Whatever It Is, We’re Against It – had me from the get go).

One more thing, there is this lady I know, they call her Anyiko Woko, who is an amazing PR agent in the music scene in Africa, and I have been reading her blog circa 2012, and this month, just last week, I was able to meet her in her hometown Molo, Kenya and her blog has gems of the who, the what and the where in the African Art & Culture scene. Have a read.

Supplement this by reading about a little known exotic and very interesting Art Gallery in the heart of Nairobi.

Lifestyle & Finance 

Would you like to enjoy your life more in this (new) year? Guess what? How you spend your time and money will determine if you will ace that intention. How to spend money and time are two things that are barely taught in school, so I am delighted to share these free online resources with you. 
Joshua Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus cracked the code on how less is more, and they help you gain insight on how to clear clutter on their blog, The Minimalists, and Joshua Becker will hold your hand to if you do ever decide to Becoming Minimalist by getting rid of unnecessary clutter in your material and digital life. And they are not the only ones in this journey, there is a whole tribe blogging about living more intentionally on a blog with No Sidebar.
Living with less means buying less, means having more money to spend on what you care about. But that is hard to do if you are in your twenties or thirties, and have no or little clue on how to pay off your student loans, or debts, or how to save and invest. Try moneyunder30.com even if you are over 30 and you could learn a thing or two about how to pay off debts and how and why you should invest
I know the holidays are over, but you could still use these 10 frugal ways to spend your leisure time in a meaningful way. 
Photos by Lorraine Wangari, Edits by Daisy Moraa, Location- Garden City Mall.
Just in case it eluded you, Links are in CAPS so hover your mouse over them and click. Thank you for reading & remember to share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and elsewhere! 
Until next time! Bye!


  1. Mo Farah Running from things is so hilariously stupid. But true, there are so many useless things online that struggle for your attention. I think future generations will have to figure out a way of finding the useful gems out of the gross amount of data.I'm particularly interested in the finance website. This is one thing they really need to teach in schools because it's such a huge part of your life as an adult.


  2. I like the Mo Farah website, you laugh and laugh. One tiny hand is psychologically funny, who knew hand proportions matter? From the feedback received here and elsewhere, I think I will focus on sharing more finance websites and resources as people genuinely want to learn how to grow their money. Thank you for reading!


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