Portrait Session: Fatou from The Gambia

Fatou and I met at the Murumbi Heritage Collection, and as there only one guide at the time, we ended up getting to acquaint ourselves. She is a lawyer by profession, and has been in Kenya the past few months to advance her education  at the African Leadership Centre (she showed me shots of her wearing the lawyer’s gown and cap). What I liked about her was her openness, and warm vibrance. She was also very camera friendly, and I enjoyed taking these shots of her. 
While I liked the currency and paintings side of the Art Gallery, she liked the fabrics and their colour more notably because she is from West Africa. And we all know that West Africans like bold colourful prints on their African fabric. Heck, it is no wonder that the Ankara hails from those sides. 
It was a bummer for her that she had worn plain neutral colours which I like, and would include in my wardrobe with glee. And when I told her this, she joked they are the British colours, and that she has noticed most Kenyans wear these “dull colours” and could be quite invariably because we inherited that colour bias from our colonizers the British. She is a cheeky one!

For those who are not well aware about The Gambia, it is a West African country, the smallest country in the mainland of Africa, and it is entirely surrounded by Senegal except along its western Atlantic Ocean coastline. Other than the Bahamas, The Gambia is the other country that uses the article “The” officially as a short standing name without the accessory ” Republic of”. Despite being the smallest country, with a population of about 2 million people, a third of them lived under the international poverty line of US $1.25 a day a decade ago. Their economy is mostly dominated by tourism, and supplemented by farming and fishing.

For these next portraits, we used my laptop as a prop for these nerdy/blogger shots, and they came out very well. I like the contrast between her and the background, and how well the decor of the Point Zero coffee shop accentuate the shots.

To book a portrait shoot, contact me at simplymoraa@gmail.com.

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