Month 308: Life

Reading:Currently tottering between Hillary’s Living History and Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Idiot. On page 176 of 539 of Living History and have read almost a fifth of the Idiot as well. I read Hillary at the office and Fyodor at home. However, between work and the pressings of everyday life, I am barely reading five pages a day on these ones. Looking forward to the Christmas holiday to gobble either one of them up. So far, I like that I have familiarized myself with Hillary’s childhood and young adulthood and law practice before she became the first lady in 1993.
Watching:  Marie Forleo’s videos on business life on YouTube. Marie’s videos are categorically arranged and she has gems of business advice. 
Listening:  to the best of Leonard Cohen during the day and the best of Mozart in the evenings at home. 

Creating: time for blogging and posting consistently on my InstaGram. I am also creating more wholesome posts – the meaty informative and well-written posts for my blog for next year and pumping up others like Movies 2017 and Books 2017 that were not comprehensively written.

Bookmarking: Leonard Cohen prologues so that I can read what Cohen was thinking when he wrote his songs, and the meaning behind them.
Following: @paul_sutfin  I posted this morning on my IG about Leonard Cohen, and he liked the post, and in my curious nature, I checked out his feed and website. From what I have gathered he is a painter, (His website does not say where he is located). I like the movement in most of his pieces. I want to watch his videos and spend more time studying his paintings on his website. They catch my eye, and I need time to read them. 



Enjoying:  One  long hours of sleep now that I am having 60 hr work weeks, two — how well these goddess faux locs turned out (if you are a lady and would like to have them, I can slide you my salonist’s number)  and three — how easy it is for my non-photographer friends to use the 50mm prime lens. 


From Thought To Action: I decided to focus on my blog and my IG for the next 52 weeks and give it my all – so there will be posts of places I visited and never shared like this post I wrote about visiting Milan, commentaries on musicians I like, books – you know, the sort of thing old souls like.
Posts You Probably Missed: Lake Elementaita Safari Facts and Guide from my December visit, a recap of An Evening in Milan when I traveled there 2 years ago and My Poetry Got Published earlier this year. 
Thank you for reading!


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