3 Innate Things that Keep me Going

The year has been hectic for most of us, and every day we have to wake up and face the day. Besides prayer and a good support group of friends, some of the things that has kept me going are these three. Especially in this month of November. They are pictured above and I will give my reasons below

1. My LA Girl Matte Lipstick
I do not even know the exact lipstick number but it is what I have been using all year long. When I step out of the house, I like to feel like I have a good body image, and this lipstick just does that for me. It is non-shiny and has the just the right amount of moisture to keep my lips supple. It does not last the whole day though, and I have to reapply two or three times a day (especially after meals).

2. A Tecno Kabambe
I bought this baby last Sunday after my phone died on me. I had been using a Microsoft 530 since June 2015, and when it broke in October 2017, I was using an Infinix Note 3 for the last 2 months. Then on Saturady after work, I got home put it on the charger, napped for 2 hours, and when I woke up at 10pm, the damn thing was DEAD. So after waiting for it to come back to life and it did not, I went out and bought myself a functional phone (picture above.) What is of interest is that the past 2 months I have been Whatsapp free, and I must say I like that I am only doing essential communication.

3. My Canon Rebel T5
Working 60 hours a week is no joke, Monday to Saturday 7am to 6pm leaves me drained. I get to the house, and the minute I slide into bed (no matter how early) I am gone! So the prospect that I can take up photography again over lunch hours and on Sundays gives me something to look forward to that is not directly linked to the corporate life.

What ordinary things have kept you going?


  1. My dog, I got her when she was little and not in good condition, everyday after work she waits for me at the gate and the joy and jump a rounds has me smiling after a hectic day 🙂


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