Month 307: Taking Stock



Listening to : October has been wonderful lyrically so far. Here are my top 5

  1. Now You Know – how I get to hear this song for the first time in 2017 Oct is beyond me. It has been unanimously agreed among my Facebook friends that I just landed from Mars (as opposed to living under a rock because that’s the only probably explanation)
  2. Lost on You – JP _ never heard the song before until I stumbled upon it during a work lunch break. I like the chemistry between the actors, and would you believe the film is from a blue label ad. Also, I like his face, so serious, it reminds me of his act in Spy(2017)
  3. Buzzcut Season – Lorde – I have loved this song for almost 4 years now, and the indie video just gave it a new vibe.
  4. Indila Dernesis – (I like the melancholy in the lady’s eyes in the video. Also, the film was shot because the Prime Minister said that the love story is irrelevant to modern life. But I think it is. Looking forward to downloading it and watching it.)
  5. Unforgettable – French Montana fr Swae Lee ( how is Swae younger than me. damn!)

Reading: I am reading Hillary’s Living History, and gaining a lot of insight on American history. Also, it is a helping me gain insight on the inside workings of the politics world. Other reads I have done this month that I liked are from Granta: Turbines, Seven People and Two Girls In a Boat.

Watching: Marie Forleo videos. She is amazing when it comes to business advice and general life advice.

Following: @sopharush on Twitter (she has good religious posts and tweets) and @schafoee (she is a politically conscious lady)

Creating: writing poems for my next series. Previous series can be found here.

Wishlist: to have at least an iPhone 5s to take decent photos of the small rural town I relocated to coz I do not feel comfortable walking around with my DSLR, it will attract attention I am not ready to entertain

Grateful for: the peace that Kenya is enjoying despite the political turbulence we have experienced this election year (it does not seem to end, does it?) and for being alive and for my new job.


On to you now: what have you been listening to/ watching/ reading/ creating? And whom are you following on twitter or Instagram and why? and what is on your your wishlist and what are you grateful for? Lemme know in the comment section below.

1 Comment

  1. Listening to Taylor Swift’s “Reputation”. I don’t even know how I became a swiftie.

    Watching Casey Neistat and MKBHD among other YouTube channels. I am intrigued by YouTube.

    Creating? Working on some video ideas, that’s all I can say now 😉.

    Wishlist, definitely a Pixel 2. Cellphone cameras don’t get better than this.

    Grateful? Nothing in particular. But that doesn’t mean I’m ungrateful 😬.


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