Movies 2017

It so happens I have been in between contracts in July and this month (Sept), I got another contract, yay! and I am lucky that a work college introduced me to because other than Game of Thrones, I have watched tonnes of movies the last 10 weeks or so. Most of them are not the latest, as I have always wanted to watch old movies and to make sure I did not waste most of my time looking for good movies I used lists from the net to narrow down on my choices.

Here’s my list July 2017- onwards

before the 90s
Educating Rita
The Color Purple
Dead Poets Society


the 90s
10 Things I hate about You
He Got Game
Legends of the Fall
Sleeping with the Enemy
The Air Up There
the Age of Innocence
total Eclipse

the 00s
Almost Famous
Coach Carter
Erin Brokovich
Finding Forestter
Million Dollar Baby
MonaLisa Smile
Revolutionary Road
Saint Ralph
The Devil Wears Prada
The Painted Veil


Midnight in Paris
Kill your Darlings
Gone Girl

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