Late Afternoon At Mama Ashanti, Kenya

Place & Location

Last week, my friend and I made our way to Mama Ashanti Restaurant, Nairobi. My friend, Faith, who is leaving this month for her Ms degree in the US, gave me a treat at the Ghanian restaurant given the nod by online reviews as the best outlet for West African food in Nairobi.

Located at Muthangari Gardens,Lavington, the ambience was cool, the tables and chairs well spaced for privacy and room for personal comfort.

The Food & Drinks

We had dawa – I still do not know what was in there, but for sure there was garlic and it had this sweet-sour taste that was tantalizing, and I still cannot find the right words to describe it. All I know it is good, and you have to try it to know it.

I have had plaintain before, cooked the Nigerian way by a Nigerian, so the plantain wasn’t knew to my palate. The meat though, was made differently – it was in between nyama choma and wet fried goat meat- in a way that I liked. (But I still like our Kenyan nyama choma more, sorry West Africa!)

The food below was eaten by us two, by the looks of it, it looks little but not so dear friend, we were full when we were 3/4 way done, and had to nudge each other to at least try and clear the plate.


  • I loved the food, and will have to try out more dishes to give proper stars. But so far, so good. I would definitely recommend it.
  • What I found wanting was that we had to wait quite a while before we received service.

Mama Ashanti’s Facebook link is here.

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