the shelf v: listening to benjamin clementine

disclaimer: this music is for those with exquisite taste. 🙂

i came across benjamin clementine last quarter of 2016, and i knew immediately that he is the kind of artist whom i could pay to watch live. pity he’s in europe, london is it? and i am here in africa, kenya but who knows? wishes come true, dreams get actualized and this one i intend to let stay on my shelf till i can blow off the dust and enjoy his music in person

benjamin clementine is unique
benjamin clementine is special
benjamin clementine is phenomenal

and i love him for it

in his music, he draws out human sadness in all its entirety, and this he does without using cliches. his music is poetry. his music is pure talent. his music is art.

so who is benjamin clementine? i gather, from the articles and interviews i read and videos that i have watched that he is a mystery: he performs barefoot, he has his hair in that crazy up-do that i absolutely love, and his face whose beauty is not conventional – you look at him, and no, it’s not ugliness, it’s something that makes him more of a mystery, especially how he wears it without touch-ups.

his story is fascinating, as told to the new york times and on the guardian

so much praise from me, that now i should leave the floor for benjamin to perform his magic. my favs are – london, nemesis, mathematics, condolences. basically, almost every piece of music he has released. really, check out his youtube page

and since, i am spoilt for choice on what videos to post, i will narrow it to his live performances that i love, and will let you scour youtube for his other videos




even after my ode to benjamin, i feel like i have done him little justice; long live benjamin, the world needs more artists like you!

image from his site:

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