the shelf i : music // united pursuit

i came across united pursuit music on youtube on a random internet rabbit hole detour sometime in march, and boy, don’t i wish i had clicked on them weeks earlier when you-tube lined them up on my recommendations.

on their youtube page they say about themselves that

"Can't say we planned it, because dreams are hard to arrange. But we imagined away... a community of friends living life and loving Jesus together. We bought a house (named the Banks House) in a run down neighborhood and filled it with guys, guitars, and recording gear. We attempted to cook in our mustard yellow kitchen, ate meals on musty thrift store couches, and saw our living room filled with hearts beating as one after Jesus. In the place of God's presence, our heart's cry became songs, and we decided to push record."

and it is actually possible to feel the organic nature of their music. and instead of blowing steam trying to win you over, i’ll let you enjoy these three tunes that have really helped me unwind and recenter on Christ most evenings.

// “let it happen” is my absolute favorite from the andrea’s voice to the poetic lines to the feeling of freedom it instills in me every time i listen to it

// since your love was the first piece i heard by united pursuit and i just wanted to listen to their other pieces. i especially like how the guitar, the cello and the drums come together in the song. and the best part are the lyrics – “i was made by You, i was made for You, i am unfulfilled without full communion, in You is all i need, You are my breath, You are my life, You are my everything”

// simple gospel – ah, where do i begin? this song just speaks to my heart. here are some lines  “Lord i’ve been told to be ashamed, Lord i’ve been told i don’t measure up, Lord i’ve been told i’m not good enough, but you’re here with me”

if you would like to listen to more of their music, here goes their youtube page.

hope you enjoyed the music selection. more coming up on the shelf from books, films. music, blogs etc!

thank you for stopping by! stay blessed!

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