+ one (more) year

simply moraa

second last Thursday of March 2017, i received the Grace to add one more year to my life, and i am really grateful for that. in the past year, i have been able to complete uni, to graduate, get an internship/job in an incredible structural project that i thoroughly enjoy – i like to think that i am paid to learn while on the job , and i am living away from home. this, and much more, and i am learning to be grateful for it all.

one more year

there are of course, many things that i am yet to learn, to become, to unlearn, to experience and improve on, and there are goals that i have postponed year after year and as such i am a work in progress but that is something i am learning to embrace. i am a work in progress, and no matter how much i may be far from what i would like to be, i am exactly where i should be in life. i am exactly where God wants me to be, and this is enough to help me wade through it all, a day at a time

my birthday was quite the occurrence – some of my workmates used a hosepipe to generously wet me to the skin, and i had to go home and change, thank the heavens they made up for it by buying me cake, and even better my very fatherly boss took me and my department mates for my b day dinner at a nice restaurant. and on Saturday afternoon, me and some friends went down to Valley Coffee on Biashara Street for a late afternoon lunch. it was the perfect excuse to dress up, considering my work clothes tend to be drab for field work. i enjoyed the food portions, and the ambience of the place.

// for some reason we all tended towards mashed potatoes as starch, but they have other servings such as rice, fries etc

//first food photo is what i had: the arosto, second is beef with peanuts, third is chicken breast which my pals had.

mashed potatoes and arosto


valley coffee mashed and beef


mashed potatoes with chicken breasts


daisy with friends

Thank you so much for reading!


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