Month 293: Life


Month: 293

Hey there!

I figured that if I don’t do this today, I’ll keep on postponing until
thy-kingdom-come. I feel the need to share what I am upto as a
creative/individual so that you can get to know me better, but life always gets
in the way. So this series, that I hope to share every 23rd (it’s my birth
date) of the month will be called LIFE. Pun much?

Life lately: I just finished my civil engineering undergraduate last week
and I went home to relax with my family before I seriously get into the job
hunt. Really relieved to be done with 5+ years of uni.

Reading: Mother
Teresa’s “Come Be My Light”
that I will be presenting to a group of friends
in late September. It’s a good read, and she is an exceptional character.

Playing: Link Game with my small bro in his phone. The hard level is

Wishing: That I could have loads of money so that I could just go on a
holiday & buy myself lots of clothes. Realized quite recently that I am
very frugal, & shopping is at the bottom of my list of priorities.

Wanting: My own hair to be somewhat long & sleek. So I am reading all
these hair blogs on the net. The challenge is to put the info to good use.

Watching: Benjamin Clementine live performances on Youtube. I discovered him
last month, and I am amazed by his live
performance at the Burberry January 2016 menswear fashion
event. Another of
my other favs is his Mathematics – no video, just an audio, but still on the
playlist I have linked in this nugget.

Listening: Alicia Keys – This Girl is on Fire. Not the mainstream version. Another
more relaxed, more musical version.

Creative Work Update: Would love to post the rest of Hours but my laptop
keeps crashing, and when it decides to behave, it won’t connect to the
internet. However, soon, I hope to post the rest of it.

Have an awesome day!

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