i searched for happiness in substances, in projects of my own doing, in being in love, in travel and in places far from home, in the comforts of food and luxury, but instead the happiness i found vanished after a while. instead, i was plagued by disappointments and boredom, and what sorrow there is in time that rolls on and on without horizon, without end

i searched for justice in the exaction of revenge, in the downfall of my enemies, in the death of the corrupt and powerful, in human courts and in the schemes of my mid, in human justice. instead, in all the earth’s land and sea i found no grounds for fair play. what i accumulated was a bitterness and bewilderment that piled atop of each other over the years, till i came tumbling down

i searched for the meaning of life in the coming and going of friends and family, in my coming and going, in the embrace of a beloved, in sacrificial love, in the comforts of life, in music and poetry and dance, in everything and anything i could think of. instead i found all these things lacking, and the hunger for life inside gnawed on and on, and i plowed on and on, and it kept wanting more and I kept on plowing and hounding and pounding some more,
go on anymore –



and my heart grew cold, skeptical, cynical, unmoved, almost unreachable

still, now no longer easily seduced, cautious, i continued to yield to the hunger and i searched high and low, i searched the earth and the heavens – for happiness, for justice, for meaning of life, and finally found these in a Place that if I told youI know you won’t believe me. but if you really want to know, if you really must know, because if you are anything like me – human, in want, in need, searching –  and I think you are everything like me – then you really do want to know; all I can say is “come with me, Come and See.”

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