Intention in a Fast-Paced World

Sunday Bites: Pace in a fast world

My creative work production process is very deliberate.

I work backwards and forwards.

For instance, I jot down poem lines that come to me, that appeal to me, and I keep jotting down different feelings and observations about something that strikes me or is of concern to my welfare – and this can go on for months, years, – and then one day, it all clicks, and the poem that seemed as separate poems becomes one. I realized that this is my method of creation sometime mid 2015. So now I am more patient and attuned to myself & how I create.

Or with photography, that I decided to take more seriously in December 2015. I take photos of things that appeal to me – mostly buildings, and things – exactly that, things, like barbed wire silhouettes and reflections and the blue sky –yes, just the blue sky. And after the first selections, I shelve them in my digital compartments and wait for weeks or months before I can revisit them again. During the revisit, I go through them slowly and in such instances I find that I can say – yes, this is the image I want or no, this did not quite come out well, what was I thinking? And I laugh at and with myself.

Or with my personal essays – I have a notebook filled, and I am halfway through another – which when I write I find is a chance for further introspection, as though the intense life introspections I do while journaling or as I go on about life are not enough. I write the essays and let them simmer. For a while. Sometimes I forget about them, and then one day, I start to write them again, and some fuse into each other, and others separate and others just crumble into mere words.

I like working like this. I like that I have learnt to be patient with the work and with myself. I like that I have the liberty to enjoy working like this. Especially now that there is social media and it feels as though production is for mass consumption. I have this impression that artists are under the pressure to constantly produce, constantly entertain, and constantly be on the social media feeds loop.

Me, I choose to let that social media train leave me at the station. My aim is to produce the best I can and since I do not want mediocre plastered all over me, I will take my sweet time.

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